You often hear the acronym “USP” banded about in the business world or on the news. People talk about the “unique selling point” of a product or company. I think it can be equally attributed to World of Warcraft and specifically applying to guilds. Now of course there is nowhere near the same amount of competition for getting into a guild as there is for selling a product in the real world, but having a USP will definately aid your application.

So a USP. How can that relate to WoW? Well basically it is anything that makes you stand out from the crowd of applicants – something that makes you unique. This can range from experience, to ingame feats or to real world skills. Highlighting your USP in an application can really help it be successful. Let me give you an example.

Timmy the troll tank is applying to the top guild on his realm. He has never really been in a high end guild and so is a bit nervous. He has, however, been guild master of a casual raiding guild for over 2 years and has managed the guild throughout that time. That right there is your USP. That wealth of experience elevates you above the other similiar characters applying for the tank spot in the top guild on the realm. It shows that you are mature enough to lead a group of players, that you stick around for the long term and are not just looking for a quick fix, that you know how to handle people and that you have a wealth of raid leading experience; even if it is not at that high a level. The application officer/class leader will like that you know how things work from a leadership perspective as generally it makes you more understanding and helpful towards the officers in the guild.

Pius the pugnacious priest (great blog btw) is looking for a new home. He has never raided at the forefront of server progression but is into his arena. He gained gladiator rank in season 5 playing as RMP and mentions this on his application. This is a very impressive achievement (even with OP RMP) and mentioning it will really make him stand out. If he had not mentioned it then it is quite likely that the person reviewing the application would never have found his feat of strength and therefore potentially dismissed him as an average recruit.

Rachelle the raunchy rogue is new to World of Warcraft and has only just hit 85. She is sitting is full questing blues and greens and has never been to a raid ingame. She has, however, been an avid MMO gamer for several years and has a wealth of experience from those games that is applicable to WoW. Mentioning that will make sure that she doesn’t fall through the net. She is also a web designer by trade and offers to create a new site for the guild in her application. USP!

So what is your unique selling point? Are you an auction house God who is willing to contribute to a fledgling guild’s funds? Do you have an alt of every class which can be subbed into a raid to fill missing roles? Are you a high rated battleground player? Do you run your own WoW blog helping to educate players about your class? Are you a comedian IRL and will bring some much needed laughter to Ventrilo in raids? Do you have 1 million achievement points? Are you the top rated dps for Halfus on World of Logs?

Make sure you highlight your USP in your application and explain why it gives you an edge. What is your unique selling point?

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