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Blood Setup pt 1 – Macros & Addons

Setup and configuration can be one of the most important things when trying to improve your gameplay, this includes: quick access to frequently used abilities, macros, addons, even having the right hardware attached to your computer can make a notable difference. I would like to start a discussion about things you can do to improve your game. There’s a lot [...]

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Raiding without addons, the ultimate test

So, as is widely known, patch 4.1 dropped yesterday. Hooray for awesome boss fights, new loot, and super-fast stealth! Oh, and all of your addons probably broke. And we’re not talking “oh the functionality here is giving me an error” broken, we’re talking catastrophic failure — with FPS plummeting as soon as you engage combat. What’s an enterprising raiding rogue [...]

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Addons : The Essentials

So what addons do you NEED? And by need I mean the ones that without mentioning in your application would get it deleted immediately! Now most accomplished raiders will know these but if you are new to the scene don’t fret! Here is a heplful list and brief explantion of each one and what they do. Let’s get stuck in: [...]

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