It can be quite nerve-wracking entering into a new guild. A whole new group of people that most likely don’t know you. How do you get integrated into that community, especially when you have not proved your worth? Some people go for the extrovert approach. They try to be as active as possible in guild chat; constantly asking if people would like to group up, do bgs, pugs etc. They try and get in with the class leaders/officers by whispering them and starting a conversation. Now as a previous guild master, personally this pissed me off. To me it looked like the equivalent of someone who fancies themselves a bit of a demon driver meeting up with a load of Formula One drivers and acting as their equal (please excuse the extreme metaphor.) Now it is not to say that they won’t be as good as them, it is just that they have not proved it yet.

If you enter into a guild as a trial do not go around acting like the “big cheese.” There is nothing wrong with getting involved and putting yourself out there, just don’t overdo it. By all means get involved if there is a debate in guild chat but just remember you need to make a good impression during your trial. If someone in the guild asks for help then definately offer it but don’t go asking for help yourself too much. Get to know the dynamics of the guild a bit. Maybe it is not a very sociable guild outside of raid times. If so, then they probably won’t take too kindly to you constantly spamming guild chat with “funny anecdotes.” On the other hand, if there is a lot of banter going on then join in. Just don’t rub anyone up the wrong way if you can help it.

Another common headache for trials is when you get asked to participate in some event such as a dungeon run, mount run or battelground etc. If you know the tactics for the dungeon or pug raid then by all means join in. But don’t accept and then cause a wipe because you hadn’t read up. Whilst not a guild raid, it will get back to the officers and may reflect badly on your trial. If you have the time to help out a guildie then it is well worth it. Some guilds decide on trials purely on officer’ opinion. Others have a members forum where full members of the guild can add their input if they have something to say. By helping out that guildie with his TK mount run you may have just got yourself a recommendation as well as a potential friend.

Above all be yourself. Just treat it as you would in the real world. You wouldn’t go into a new workplace and start bragging or shouting over everyone so don’t do it in World of Warcraft. Use some common sense and you will get through your trial fine.