Filling out an application form to join a guild can be a daunting process. It can be made even harder if English is not your first language. Some people take it as seriously as writing a CV for a real life job whilst some simply type whatever pops into their heads.

There are however a few simple guidelines that you can follow to make applying to a guild in World of Warcraft or any other online game easier and make you much more likely to succeed. First off read the guild rules! Applying to a guild whose rules you cannot comply with is pointless. Also you must use the guild’s application form. Posting an application on their forums or emailing it to them shows that you have not put a lot of effort into researching the guild. Believe it or not most guilds ask almost the exact same questions in their application forms. This is simply because they are the most relevant. It also has something to do with the standard templates that some guild hosting services offer. Either way these are the most common questions that you will come across:

  1. Your character name.
  2. Where you are from / live.
  3. Your age.
  4. A link to your armoury
  5. Links to any WWS/World of Logs/WowMeterOnline etc. that you have for yourself.
  6. A Screenshot of your user interface, ideally in a raid environment.
  7. An explanation of how you approach your character and what you feel is important to focus on.
  8. A history of your experience and previous guilds.
  9. Any references you wish to cite.
  10. Connection/Computer information.

The first three points are self explanatory. However, if you are applying to a serious guild then you would be wise changing your characters name if it is anything smutty or offensive etc. Do not lie about your age. If you are under 18 then say so – lieing may work for a while but ultimately age restrictions are imposed by guilds for a reason.

The fourth question on the list is also simple but just remember to always log out in your pve gear and spec so the guild that you are applying to can see them rather than your awesome pvp gear or even worse, your fancy pirate gear that you wear while parading around in Ironforge.

The fifth point may not be quite so obvious to some of you. It is largely irrelevant if you are a tank but you should pay attention to it if you are a dps or healer. It is asking for a damage meter or healing meter screenshot. This simply requires you to take a screenshot of your damage meter after you down a boss and upload it to a free picture hosting service and then link to it here. Obviously choose one which reflects well on you. The most common damage meter addons include Recount, Skada and WWS. Be prepared to back up the screenshot with an explanation or your standard rotation or situational play if they ask for it.

Number 6 – “A screenshot of your UI in a raid,” is also fairly explanatory. Just make sure it is uncluttered and displaying all of the addons that would be expected for your class. For addon help or advice head over to our addons section.

The seventh question – “An explanation of how you approach your character and what you feel is important to focus on,” is a more complex one. Actually it appears very vague at first glance. It is asking whether you prefer pvp, pve, auction house, achievement whoring or other sidelines while not raiding. It is subtly asking whether you feel it is important to focus on grinding mats for flasks and enchantments in your spare time to benefit the raid. It is asking whether you dedicate most of your non raid time to levelling alts which might not benefit the raid.

This could seem a bit heavy but just tell the truth and if you are a dedicated and selfless player it will show through.

No guild in the world, not even the very top ones, expects you to play this game as a chore rather than for fun. Just show that you love your class and are constantly striving to improve and this will impress the officer who is reading it.

The eighth question – “A history of your experience and previous guilds,” can be daunting and a potential minefield! No one has a perfect guild track record, at least I do not! Everyone was a ‘noob’ once and got gkicked for not knowing what they were doing. Just make sure it was not your previous guild and you will be fine. Tell the truth but treat it as a chance to show off a bit. If you were an officer in a guild then big it up! If you handled the videoing of boss kills then say so. The other part of this question is the, “experience,” part. This is asking how far you have progressed in the game’s raids. Start from the beginning. If you cleared the original Naxx back at level 60 then it is definitely still something to brag about. It trumps many of the post TBC raids on normal difficulty. Be detailed. If you did not manage to kill the Lich King on heroic with your previous guild explain what the problems were. Perhaps they lead you to thinking you could do better and therefore apply to this guild? Be courageous and stretch yourself – apply to a guild that is further progressed than your character is. At the same time do not be stupid. You cannot apply to a guild slaying heroic modes of the latest Cataclysm raids if you only have experience of pugging Icecrown Citadel on normal mode. If that is the case then you need to apply to a lesser guild and gain experience with them before moving on to a better guild.

Numero 9 – “Any references you wish to cite.” This is a great place to get someone else to vouch for you. Don’t be arrogant and get friends to quote great phrases about you but just list a few well respected names of people on your server who you know well and would agree that you are good enough to join whichever guild you are applying for. Also warn these people in advance! Just mention to them that an officer from X guild might chat to them and ask them to vouch for you. Don’t put down well known players that you actually do not know as this is a sure-fire way of your application being denied when they talk to those people. Make sure you also briefly outline how you know the person and what experiences you have had, e.g. “He was my guild master back in TBC days and ended up promoting me to officer.”

And finally number 10! Your computer specs. These are self explanatory. Most gamers will have a good idea about your computers specs but if not then just go to start>run and type in “dxdiag” and up will pop a window with your specs on. Just copy the main ones out, i.e. processor, graphics card and RAM. Make sure you also include the speed of your internet connection including how frequently you disconnect mid-fight or the internet goes down for long periods of time.

And that is it! You have applied to a guild. Now all you have to do is cross your fingers! Make sure you regularly check back to see any questions they ask if it is a forum system and respond quickly. Good luck!