I recently read an interesting article on Blacksen.com which you can read here. He received an email from a reader asking various questions but the main one that I want to concentrate on was:

How do you deal with players who simply keep failing?

The reader was asking specifically about a warlock who simply could not stop failing to jump on the pillars during the Nefarian encounter but I would like to think about the question in a broader sense. Here at Top Rosters we generally focus on things from the player’s side rather than the officer’s or raid leader’s. So what if it is you that is failing?

Now don’t click onto another post because you are perfect and never fail during a raid! Everyone has their off days from time to time. So how do you stop failing on a boss mechanic? Perhaps you have just been accepted into a guild after reading our article on applying to a guild and are constantly dieing to some boss mechanic on your first raid and are pulling your hair out because you know that you are making an awful first impression.

First of all the key is to relax. The more and more tense you become, the more likely it is that you will fail again. Just take a deep breath, remember that you are just trying to press the right combination of keys and mouse clicks in order to translate into some movement on screen and things will suddenly seem easier.

Next, you must listen to the raid leader. Do not pay attention to anyone that is yelling in vent or telling you to “shape up.” Just pay attention to the players that are giving you constructive advice. For starters, if there is no one doing this then maybe you do not want to be in that guild in the first place. You must be able to take criticism when you deserve it but then act on it rather than becoming angry or unhappy. If the raid leader is telling you to move onto a pillar before it moves then do so 5 seconds before you need to. Sacrifice that extra couple of spells to make sure that you do not fail on the mechanic. The raid will be much happier if you are a few hundred dps below par than if you had died and contributed no further damage in the entire fight.

Concentrate entirely on the thing that you are failing at. Get that mastered before trying to max out your dps or throw out those extra heals. As an raid leader I would much rather see someone that can take advice and adapt their play accordingly than someone who is so tunnel visioned that they ignore everything asked of them. That person would fail their trial.

If you survive that raid then the next thing that you must do is to go online and watch a load of videos of the boss fight from your class’ perspective so that you will know exactly what to do next time.

So to summarise if you are continually failing on a boss fight and are fretting about getting kicked from the guild simply:

  • Relax
  • Listen to constructive advice
  • Watch videos of the boss fight after the raid

and you will be fine…