Last time we covered how to impress guildies during your trial. This time I want to discuss how to go about complaining about one of them. This is a difficult subject to broach with an officer or guild master and needs to be undertaken in a particular manner in order to avoid drama and backlash.

We have all been in a guild where someone is simply not pulling their weight. Maybe they are sub par on the dps or maybe they simply keep failing on simple mechanics. Maybe they have said something offensive or been rude to you, a fellow guildie or even just a player on your server. Maybe they have ninja looted something in a pug raid. Whatever the issue, if you feel strongly enough about it that you want to bring it up with the guild’s officers, then don’t simply go charging in without a plan. You could come unstuck – especially if it is a well respected or long time guild member.

The most important thing to do before going to an officer is to get proof. This obviously depends on what they have done but some simple and relatively straightforward examples could be:

  • If they have ninja looted an item in a raid: Make sure you take a screenshot of this happening. Take screenshots of the loot being awarded to the player and also the reaction of the raid afterwards. Their anger in chat will back you up and you can always go to them for a witness if necessary. To find all this just look in your chat log.
  • If they have said something offensive: Again screenshots are king! If it is ingame then take a screenshot of the entire conversation. Make sure you put it in context and don’t just quote the one offensive thing that they said. You could have overreacted and not taken it in context. If this is the case then reading through the entire conversation may make you see this. If the remark was posted on a forum or the likes, then note down the web address. Also take a print screen in case they try and remove it.

More complex are inevitably the cases where you feel you need to bring to attention the poor raid performance of a guildie. Bear in mind that more often than not the officers will already be aware of the problem and may have talked to the player in question. You cannot just go to an officer and start ranting and raving about X player, “X has the worst dps for a warlock I have seen in Cataclysm. He is holding back the guild and is awful.” This is not helpful and the officer probably won’t take kindly to it. Instead get your facts straight first. Have World of Logs reports on the player ready and know where they are going wrong. In fact if you have worked this out already then go directly to the player in question. Ask them why they are not using X rotation and point them towards some resources that will help them. This way you will help the player in question and also not take up the time of an officer. You will help out the raid by improving the player’s performance. Sometimes players do not take kindly to other raiders giving them advice and telling them to improve. If this is the case then get an officer involved as soon as possible to avoid things escalating. You must have some comparably geared character’s log on World of Logs or the like to compare them with. Even better if you can compare them with a guildie of the same gear/spec and class as this will be more reflective of the gap in dps.

Most importantly when going to an officer to complain about a guildie do not be overly aggressive. If a player has done something offensive then the act itself will be enough to get them punished or kicked. It doesn’t need you to go and create loads of drama or headaches for the guild officers by kicking off. Just calmly and quietly ask an officer about it. Complaining about guildies is a tricky topic and something that should not be undertaken lightly if you value your reputation in the guild but sometimes it is inevitable. In these cases approach an officer armed with as many facts as you can and talk calmly. How do you handle this difficult topic? If you are an officer then how would you like a guildie wanting to complain to approach you?