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What Is Your Unique Selling Point?

You often hear the acronym “USP” banded about in the business world or on the news. People talk about the “unique selling point” of a product or company. I think it can be equally attributed to World of Warcraft and specifically applying to guilds. Now of course there is nowhere near the same amount of competition for getting into a [...]

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Ventrilo During Your Trial

Ventrilo can be a daunting piece of software. Not the program itself but the use of it. It can be quite frightening entering into a new group of people and being expected to talk openly over the net. So how do you handle it if you have just been accepted into a guild and are in your trial period? I [...]

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Complaining About a Guild Member 101

Last time we covered how to impress guildies during your trial. This time I want to discuss how to go about complaining about one of them. This is a difficult subject to broach with an officer or guild master and needs to be undertaken in a particular manner in order to avoid drama and backlash. We have all been in [...]

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How to Interact with Guildies During your Trial

It can be quite nerve-wracking entering into a new guild. A whole new group of people that most likely don’t know you. How do you get integrated into that community, especially when you have not proved your worth? Some people go for the extrovert approach. They try to be as active as possible in guild chat; constantly asking if people [...]

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Size Matters: The 10 or 25 Debate?

This is quite a common subject for discussion following the changes to the raiding scene in Cataclysm. Both have their pros and cons and I will try and discuss those here. Ultimately the choice is really down to personal preference but there are some key differences so let’s explore these. First off the 10 man raiding guild. A large number [...]

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I recently read an interesting article on which you can read here. He received an email from a reader asking various questions but the main one that I want to concentrate on was: How do you deal with players who simply keep failing? The reader was asking specifically about a warlock who simply could not stop failing to jump [...]

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The Difficulty of Transferring Realms

If you apply to a guild as a cross realm applicant be aware of the extra hurdles that you face. Whilst it often impresses a guild that you are prepared to spend money to join their guild, there are some drawbacks. For starters you are leaving all of the people that you know. This may seem obvious but the implications [...]

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Can you go from PVP to PVE?

They are often though of as two completely separate disciplines – sometimes even games. You frequently see adverts for pug raids in trade chat that stipulate “no pvp gear.” This is of course because of the resilience stat on them but I wonder if its a deeper worry that pvpers can’t successfuly raid. And of course a player looking for [...]

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How to Fill Out an Application Form

Filling out an application form to join a guild can be a daunting process. It can be made even harder if English is not your first language. Some people take it as seriously as writing a CV for a real life job whilst some simply type whatever pops into their heads. There are however a few simple guidelines that you [...]

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Trial By Fire!

Congratulations! You have been accepted into a guild. That’s you done isn’t it? Unfortunately you are only half way there. Now comes the proverbial, “trial by fire!” You must generally prove that you are the well rounded, skilled and mature raider that you claimed to be on your (perfect) application. This trial period varies from guild to guild but generally [...]

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