They are often though of as two completely separate disciplines – sometimes even games. You frequently see adverts for pug raids in trade chat that stipulate “no pvp gear.” This is of course because of the resilience stat on them but I wonder if its a deeper worry that pvpers can’t successfuly raid. And of course a player looking for an arena partner will not accept someone linking an achievement showing that they have cleared Blackwing Descent. So can you make the transition from PVP to PVE and how hard is the adaptation?

Now I have both been guild master of a top guild on a server and also a high level pvper on a number of classes and I believe that pvpers actually have the potential to be some of the best pvers in World of Warcraft. I am not really talking about battleground players – I have not really experienced rated bgs so cannot comment on the skill level. I am talking about high level arena players. Getting up the ladders requires a huge amount of skill. The skill level required must be higher than that in pve since in pve you have the encounter scripted before you start whereas in pvp you must react to events happening constantly. With a raid boss you already know that he is going to cast fire wall, summon a load of adds and tail whip at predetermined times. In pvp you have a much lower degree of foresight. You must react correctly to whatever your opponent throws at you.

You also have a large number of opponents to focus on. Whilst there are a few multiple mob boss fights in the game, they are quite rare. In the worst case in arena you must be aware of what 9 other players are doing (4 team mates and 5 enemies in 5v5.) I think that this skill lends itself well to PVE if you make the switch. It allows you to constantly be aware of your surroundings and not “tunnel vision” the boss.

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PVP and specifically arena incorporates movement. You must move your character whilst attacking/healing. Raids are definately becoming less static than some of the old tank and spank bosses and so decent pvpers with a natural ease of movement will have an advantage. PVPers are always looking to interrupt a spellcast. Now while this is not to say that raiders can’t interrupt, it is definately a nice skill to have and will be noticed by raid leaders.

I am not trying to claim that PVPers are better raiders than most PVErs – actually far from it. Many high level arena players could not sit and take instructions from a raid leader – they would need to input their advice. Many do not have the time or patience to grind down a boss after enduring wipe after wipe. Many cannot find the patience to rely on 24 other players. I simply argue that high level arena play can tremendously improve your raiding and that as a decent PVPer you should not be afraid to apply to a decent PVE guild. What do you think? Do PVPers make good raiders?