Completely off topic but infinitely more important than the focus of this blog so please read.

As most of you will be aware Japan has recently suffered a huge earthquake and accompanying tsunami which has devastated a huge portion of the east coast of the country. The death toll and number of missing are constantly rising but at the time of posting the BBC reports that 10’000 have died and a further 17’000 are missing. A lot of the media coverage here in the UK has focused on a nuclear power plant that was seriously damaged and could have gone into meltdown which has overshadowed the humanitarian crisis unfolding.

I have decided to try and start a campaign amongst bloggers to get donations for the Red Cross which is doing a fantastic job helping the victims in Japan and is one of the few charities with clear goals and methods for achieving them. This is only a very small blog but if every blogger that reads this takes the time to copy this post and place it on their blog for their readers to see then hopefully we can make this viral and really make a difference.

I ask you to take 2 minutes out of your day to read the couple of paragraphs on the Red Cross donation site here:

Please give anything that you can. Sacrifice that coffee at your break and give the money to people who need it a lot more than us. Go without that extra pint after work or out tonight and donate it to the Red Cross. Please help spread the message across the blogosphere and together we can make a real difference.

For Bloggers:

If you run a blog or website and would like to join the campaign then please feel free to use this post and any associated images. Here are some images that you can use to spread the word:

Post featured image: Twitter profile picture (It would be fantastic if you could change your twitter pic for a short time to raise awareness.):

Facebook profile pic (If your blog or business has a fanpage then please consider changing your profile pic for a short time in an effort to generate more interest.):


Thank you for reading and please give generouslyevery little really does help.