Blackwing Descent tactics can be found in full details on numerous sites such as the fantastic Wowwiki, Tankspot and the likes. Sometimes, however, you just want the simplified version. Of course, in general, it is best to know the entire fight inside out but when starting out or when learning an encounter from a specific role’s perspective, you sometimes just want the key details.

In this guide I will attempt to provide the key points for Magmaw and what you need to know as a healer/tank/dps. If I miss anything out that you think needs included please go ahead and leave a comment and I will edit it in. I will be covering the other bosses in the next couple of weeks.

I will simply provide the things that you need to do rather than the whys and wherefores. For example, if I say “move from Pillar of Flame,” I am not going to go further and explain what will happen if you do not (maggot party.) I will also try and rank the importance of the things – red being critical, orange being important and green simply being beneficial if you do it but not critical to the attempt.

This is just meant to be a barebones tactics guide for Blackwing Descent (BWD) and for more information please check out other strategy guides on the main sites.

Magmaw tactics.

General tactics (applies for everyone):

  • Move from Pillar of Flame - when an orange circle appears on the ground get out of the way immediately. Try and move with the rest of your group so that you avoid being spread out. If you are grouped it will make aoeing any maggots easier.
  • If you get the debuff Parasitic Infection on you, move at least 10 yards away from the group until it expires.
  • Move as a group to the opposite side of Magmaw immediately after the tank gets Mangle to avoid Massive Crash.
  • Group as close to magmaw as possible.


  • If you are using two tanks be prepared to switch healing to the other tank after every Mangle.
  • When Magma is stunned (lieing down on the ground,) this is the time to use mana regen tools as there will be no notable damage.
  • When the first tank gets Mangled, switch any buffs (Earth shield, PW:Shield, hots etc) over to the 2nd tank (if you are using one.)
  • If your group is low on dps or you have excess mana, help dps when Magma is stunned.


This largely depends on whether you are using one or two tanks for the encounter but these are the main points:

  • Tank Magmaw on the opposite side to the rest of your raid. Most group have the raid start on the left of the boss as you look at him and the tank on the right.
  • Mangle is the main ability that you need to be aware of. This occurs every 1:30 mins (use Deadly Boss Mods.) Use your defensive cooldowns to avoid damage while mangled.
  • Be aware of Sweltering Armor and use defensive cooldowns while you have it.
  • (ONLY APPLIES IF YOU ARE USING 2 TANKS:) Taunt Magmaw as soon as the first tank is eaten.
  • While Mangled, attack Magmaw’s Point of Vulnerability.
  • Use any instant heals you have while mangled if you have the ability to do so.


  • If you are using some sort of kiting tank, use misdirect or tricks on the maggots to keep aggro on them.
  • AOE the maggots down fast as they are the major cause of wipes on this boss.
  • Following Massive Crash (when Magmaw lies down) players will have the chance to mount Magmaw’s head. Assign melee to do this in advance. Once you board Magmaw cast Constricting Chains at the spike on the ground in front of him. YOU MUST DO THIS ALL AT THE SAME TIME.
  • Cast heroism while Magmaw is stunned and burn cooldowns at this point.

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Omnitron Defence System! (God writing that may take some time – way too many abilities for one fight!)
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