At some point, everyone has had a system failure that wipes out all their data. Most have a tendency, especially if they are computer-savvy, to regularly save their important documents. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always apply to gaming. Most hardcore gamers invest hundreds of hours into their experiences in a variety of games, but lose everything when their hard drive crashes. Thankfully, there is an easy way to back up your save files without the hassle of manually copying everything to an alternate hard drive just as reliable as the last.

The people at have provided a solution to this problem by implementing disaster recovery-as-a-service. This online cloud backup service can be used specifically to save games to the internet, providing peace of mind that personal hardware can’t quite guarantee. It essentially gives the user access to a portable hard drive that they never have to worry about dropping or otherwise damaging since it exists anywhere the internet can be accessed.

VaultScape is incredibly simple to use and requires very little set up. A setup wizard guides the user through the installation process, then a second wizard walks through the process of creating backup tasks. Here, users designate the files they want backed up as well as the frequency. The first time this is run, files are compressed and sent to VaultScape’s backup server. Afterward, all future backups will only update files that have been changed. Here it is fairly easy to set various game folders to be checked for updates so they can be saved in this secure secondary location in the cloud.

The software is priced in monthly or yearly subscriptions for VaultScape Online Backup or VaultScape Enterprise, which is the ultimate package more suited for businesses. The software itself can be downloaded from the VaultScape website and can be used for free for storage up to 2GB, so it’s worth a shot if there’s any hesitation for committing to a month of a year of the service. Additional space upgrades can also be purchased for a nominal fee.

In the end, cloud technology is changing the way people think about their personal computing. In addition to freeing up storage space, it also provides a safe, secure place for your most important data. For gamers, this new approach can provide peace of mind that’s simply not available anywhere else.