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Rogue changes 4.2 – DPS buffed, but by how much?
Firelands DPS changes

Next week’s 4.2 patch will provide raiding rogues with new gear, and a new raid to tackle. However, some of these changes affect our utility in raid encounters. Luckily, we’ll go through each change, to discuss the implications for each since even the math masters at EJ had some debate over the results of the DPS changes. Let’s start with [...]

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Rogue T12 bonuses: Where rogues turn into mages, sort of

In the past week, there’s been a lot of new content on the PTR. Sadly, there haven’t been a lot of rogue changes. However, there’s still a lot for the stealthiest class in the game to look at! And with Blizzard’s recent announcement about the nature of our bonuses T12 bonus, I’m already drooling with anticipation. First and foremost, the [...]

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Raiding Rogue 101: Reforging beyond the basics

With all of the ZA/ZG runs currently going on, it’s more important than ever to reforge correctly so you can maximize your DPS. While there are basic reforging guidelines, to really get the most out of your rogue, you’ll have to run one of the many optimization tools so you’re not sitting there with a calculator trying to find the [...]

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Raiding without addons, the ultimate test

So, as is widely known, patch 4.1 dropped yesterday. Hooray for awesome boss fights, new loot, and super-fast stealth! Oh, and all of your addons probably broke. And we’re not talking “oh the functionality here is giving me an error” broken, we’re talking catastrophic failure — with FPS plummeting as soon as you engage combat. What’s an enterprising raiding rogue [...]

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Getting to know Roark, the rogue guy
Who is Roark

Since I’m new to the Top Rosters team, we figured it’d be a great idea to introduce myself to the community. As will be revealed, I’m not one for answering questions about myself, but I’ll try my best. Let the embarrassment begin! Tell us a little about your WoW history. How did you get started? I started WoW back in [...]

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Patch 4.1 notes: ZG/ZA, quality of life, and no CD stealth

Patch 4.1 is nearly upon us, and while some classes are seeing fundamental changes to their class mechanics, rogues remain fairly unchanged. A few tweaks here and there, and a major quality of life change for Mutilate rogues are the extent of it. But before we dive in to patch notes, remember that the new second-tier 5 mans, ZA and [...]

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