So what addons do you NEED? And by need I mean the ones that without mentioning in your application would get it deleted immediately! Now most accomplished raiders will know these but if you are new to the scene don’t fret! Here is a heplful list and brief explantion of each one and what they do. Let’s get stuck in:

1. Deadly Boss Mods

  • If you do not have this addon you must must must (enough?) have it. It is essential. For the uninitiated, it is an addon that helps you on every single boss fight in the game. It display timers and warning for all of the boss’ abilities. The timers flash up on your screen as they are about to expire and alert you to whatever you need to do, be it move, jump or dps an add.
  • It displays range checkers for the bosses that require you to spread out.
  • It has some great sound effects to alert you to boss mechanics (Big Bad Wolf anyone?)
  • This addon is so simple to install. Simply install and turn on and you will be good to go. Should you wish or need to, it also is very easy to customise.

2. Recount / Skada / WWS

  • Those are three names – the biggest and most commonly used is recount but they all work.
  • They are all damage meters and will display how much damage and dps you are doing or healing if you are a healer.
  • They are not just good for displaying damage or healing either; they display everything from number of dispels made to number of deaths, activity, absorbs and number of times hit by various boss mechanics (very useful for raid leaders.)
  • WWS stands for WoW Web Stats and is slightly different in that it uploads your logs to the internet so that you can compare them with other guilds and see where you can improve and who is slacking!

Personally I believe that those two are the only two mandatory ones across the board but of course there are essential addons for specific classes which will be covered in future posts. Now if you do not have those two and want to get into raiding then go to google and type in their names. Download them and stick them in your interface folder and then come back for more tips!