Blizzard has previously hinted at bringing in account wide achievements but have never set a date or given details so far as I know. I really think it would be an extremely useful feature. I used to hate trying to join a pug ICC raid on my paladin which didn’t have any heroic mode kills. The raid leader would always ask to link achieve and I would have to log onto my main and link.

It would be so much easier if achievements were shown across all characters. They could make it simple by just colouring achievements that you have on a character on the account but not on the character you are logged in as, a different colour. I imagine it would look something like this:

The blue colour would show that you have completed the achievement on a character but do not have it on the one you are logged in as. Note also the blue total at the top alongside the character achievement points count. Having a feature like this would make life so much easier for players with multiple alts. It would also demonstrate to other players that you knew what you were doing. You would no longer be a faceless alt with 1000 achievement points, you would be the alt with 1000 points but next to it would be a total of 8000, showing you had experience and therefore could be deemed good enough to join X raid/group.

Having to complete the same achievement on multiple alts to gain access to pugs and the like is time consuming and boring. I really think a feature like this is long overdue. I am no coding expert but surely it could not be that difficult to implement could it? What are your views?