What is Top Rosters all about?
  • We are a community of World of Warcraft players who are focused on high end PVE (player versus environment.)
  • We aim to help players better themselves and ultimately successfully apply to the top guilds in the game.
  • The articles on this site cover all aspects of applying to guilds. We try to help players improve their, “virtual CV,” in order to stand a better chance of being accepted into high end guilds.
  • To this end we cover the application process, how to make your application stand out, how to research a guild, tips and tricks to give you an edge over the competition, how to improve your play, what the top guilds are looking for and so many other topics.
  • We are also expanding to cover class specific tips and guides through our class and role columns.
Meet the Authors


My name’s Sam and I am the founder of Top Rosters. I have been playing WoW since just before TBC release and have played a range of different characters at max level including a mage, shaman, priest, paladin and death knight. I have raided at a decent level and lead a few guilds throughout my time playing WoW and I wanted to create a site of real value for the PVE community. This is how Top Rosters was born. I hope it will become a source of information and discussion for the raiding scene.


Roark is our resident rogue columnist. He runs his own blog over at Adrenaline Rushing. To find out all about him check out his Top Roster’s interview and find all of his posts in the rogue column.




Khaas is our resident Death Knight columnist. He’s been playing the class since the release of Wrath of the Lich King, he enjoys various aspects of the game including PVP, DPS, the Auction House, and of course tanking. He currently maintains a stable two of every class in the game (1 horde, 1 alliance) on his home server of Bloodscalp.

Khaas maintains a blog detailing his adventures at SRSBusiness.org. To learn more about our resident DK check out the interview and be sure to follow his posts in the Death Knight column.

Where should I start?

If you are new to the Top Rosters community then first of all welcome! We are a friendly bunch so get involved. To begin with I recommend checking out the application tips section to get some hints for applying to guilds.

Perhaps then check out our most popular posts in the right hand menu. A trip over to the forum to check out the community and introduce yourself would be well worth it. Finish off by making sure you sign up to follow us either by typing in your email address in the box on the top right or through RSS or twitter! Thanks for checking out Top Rosters and we hope you enjoy it. If you would like to get in touch with us email mail[at]toprosters.com.