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Send in the Trolls

Last week was Earth Day, and in the spirit of “going green” Blizzard has decided not to make more new content for us to enjoy, but instead to recycle. Noble intentions indeed; but regardless of how you may actually feel about killing bosses that you already killed years ago, there’s no arguing that 4.1 brings some opportunities for new tanks. […]

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Raiding without addons, the ultimate test

So, as is widely known, patch 4.1 dropped yesterday. Hooray for awesome boss fights, new loot, and super-fast stealth! Oh, and all of your addons probably broke. And we’re not talking “oh the functionality here is giving me an error” broken, we’re talking catastrophic failure — with FPS plummeting as soon as you engage combat. What’s an enterprising raiding rogue […]

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What Is Your Unique Selling Point?

You often hear the acronym “USP” banded about in the business world or on the news. People talk about the “unique selling point” of a product or company. I think it can be equally attributed to World of Warcraft and specifically applying to guilds. Now of course there is nowhere near the same amount of competition for getting into a […]

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Inner Sanctum Interview

Hot on the heels of our interview with Immersion we have a great interview with Enk from the guild “Inner Sanctum,” a hardcore alliance guild based on Silvermoon EU. They are currently ranked 23rd in the world on and 14th in the EU. 1. Who are you and what role do you fulfil within Inner Sanctum? My character is […]

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Gearing Up For Blood

MASTERY AND REFORGING One of the first questions people have when they first decide to take up tanking is what stats should I focus on? This ties directly to gear, and with Reforging it become a little more complicated. As a result there have been several tools released to aid in getting the most mileage out of your gear possible. […]

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Meet Our New Death Knight Columnist!

Today we have a new author joining our ranks here at Top Rosters! Meet Khaas – our resident tanking Death Knight. He harks from over at Srsbusiness: a great DK resource that you should definitely check out. So let’s get to know him! Who are you and where do you come from? My real name is Keith, I live in […]

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GOTCR World First: Immersion Interview

Today we have a great interview with Sarahchan from the guild “Immersion.” They are currently ranked 31st in the world on and 19th in the EU. They also recently gained some fame by getting the world first Glory of the Cataclysm Raider. 1. Who are you and what role do you fulfil within Immersion? In real life I’m a […]

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Holy Paladin 101

Hi everyone, Ophelie here from Bossy Pally. The team here at Top Rosters asked me to get the Holy Pally ball rolling with a Holy Paladin PvE 101 post. I’m just a guest, though, so if you’re a holy paladin with the desire to share your knowledge on a regular basis, Top Rosters is looking for a class blogger to […]

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Ventrilo During Your Trial

Ventrilo can be a daunting piece of software. Not the program itself but the use of it. It can be quite frightening entering into a new group of people and being expected to talk openly over the net. So how do you handle it if you have just been accepted into a guild and are in your trial period? I […]

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Getting to know Roark, the rogue guy
Who is Roark

Since I’m new to the Top Rosters team, we figured it’d be a great idea to introduce myself to the community. As will be revealed, I’m not one for answering questions about myself, but I’ll try my best. Let the embarrassment begin! Tell us a little about your WoW history. How did you get started? I started WoW back in […]

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