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Size Matters: The 10 or 25 Debate?

This is quite a common subject for discussion following the changes to the raiding scene in Cataclysm. Both have their pros and cons and I will try and discuss those here. Ultimately the choice is really down to personal preference but there are some key differences so let’s explore these. First off the 10 man raiding guild. A large number […]

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Tunnel Vision: How to Avoid it

Definition: “Visual impairment involving a loss of peripheral vision” We have all been there. The boss it at 10% and you are dps-ing like a madman. You feel in the zone and your heart is pumping fast. Your hands are starting to get clammy as a consequence of the nerves and the lightning speed that your fingers are hammering the […]

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Blogs Support Japan

Completely off topic but infinitely more important than the focus of this blog so please read. As most of you will be aware Japan has recently suffered a huge earthquake and accompanying tsunami which has devastated a huge portion of the east coast of the country. The death toll and number of missing are constantly rising but at the time […]

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Account Wide Achievements

Blizzard has previously hinted at bringing in account wide achievements but have never set a date or given details so far as I know. I really think it would be an extremely useful feature. I used to hate trying to join a pug ICC raid on my paladin which didn’t have any heroic mode kills. The raid leader would always […]

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I recently read an interesting article on which you can read here. He received an email from a reader asking various questions but the main one that I want to concentrate on was: How do you deal with players who simply keep failing? The reader was asking specifically about a warlock who simply could not stop failing to jump […]

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The Difficulty of Transferring Realms

If you apply to a guild as a cross realm applicant be aware of the extra hurdles that you face. Whilst it often impresses a guild that you are prepared to spend money to join their guild, there are some drawbacks. For starters you are leaving all of the people that you know. This may seem obvious but the implications […]

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Ghostcrawler Developer Blog: Raid Progress

Ghostcrawler posted a very interesting article on the current state of raid progression today. Some of you may have read it on his developers’ blog but I will post it here incase you have not. (Original source) We addressed our views on dungeon difficulty several weeks ago, and in the interim many players have asked for us to comment on […]

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Addons : The Essentials

So what addons do you NEED? And by need I mean the ones that without mentioning in your application would get it deleted immediately! Now most accomplished raiders will know these but if you are new to the scene don’t fret! Here is a heplful list and brief explantion of each one and what they do. Let’s get stuck in: […]

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Can you go from PVP to PVE?

They are often though of as two completely separate disciplines – sometimes even games. You frequently see adverts for pug raids in trade chat that stipulate “no pvp gear.” This is of course because of the resilience stat on them but I wonder if its a deeper worry that pvpers can’t successfuly raid. And of course a player looking for […]

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Is Ensidia a better brand name than guild?

  Perhaps this seems a controversial question. How can the epitome of high end raiding in World of Warcraft be a bigger brand than their ingame conquests? I argue that their success and then capitalisation on their fame actually hampers their race to be world number one. They recently launched a fandabidohsee (read it aloud) new website which aims to […]

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