Backing Up Your Gaming Data

At some point, everyone has had a system failure that wipes out all their data. Most have a tendency, especially if they are computer-savvy, to regularly save their important documents. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always apply to gaming. Most hardcore gamers invest hundreds of hours into their experiences in a variety of games, but lose everything when their hard drive crashes. […]

Backing Up Your Gaming Data Backing Up Your Gaming Data

Inner Sanctum Interview

Hot on the heels of our interview with Immersion we have a great interview with Enk from the guild “Inner Sanctum,” a hardcore alliance guild based on Silvermoon EU. They are currently ranked 23rd in the world on and 14th in the EU. 1. Who are you and what role do you fulfil within Inner Sanctum? My character is […]

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GOTCR World First: Immersion Interview

Today we have a great interview with Sarahchan from the guild “Immersion.” They are currently ranked 31st in the world on and 19th in the EU. They also recently gained some fame by getting the world first Glory of the Cataclysm Raider. 1. Who are you and what role do you fulfil within Immersion? In real life I’m a […]

glory_immersion glory_immersion

Ventrilo During Your Trial

Ventrilo can be a daunting piece of software. Not the program itself but the use of it. It can be quite frightening entering into a new group of people and being expected to talk openly over the net. So how do you handle it if you have just been accepted into a guild and are in your trial period? I […]

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ICC Debuff for Cataclysm!

I want to post a more discussion(y) topic today. I was pondering the recent implosion of many endgame guilds today and was wondering whether an ICC style debuff could have prevented it. By ICC style debuff I am referring to the gradual nerfing of Icecrown Citadel over time by the buff that increased all health, healing and damage done by […]

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Bastion of Twilight Tactics – Simplified – Cho’gall

Following my Blackwing Descent Tactics – Magmaw post I thought that I would tackle Cho’gall. A large proportion of players have cleared the early bosses with PUGs etc and so I thought it might be more useful to cover a boss that some PUGs and even guilds might be stuggling with. As with the Magmaw guide this will be a […]

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Rogue changes 4.2 – DPS buffed, but by how much?
Firelands DPS changes

Next week’s 4.2 patch will provide raiding rogues with new gear, and a new raid to tackle. However, some of these changes affect our utility in raid encounters. Luckily, we’ll go through each change, to discuss the implications for each since even the math masters at EJ had some debate over the results of the DPS changes. Let’s start with […]

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Let me first apologise for the lack of posts these past couple of weeks. I have been absolutely swamped with work but am trying to get back on track. So to the post… yes it’s coming. The nerfbat is on its way. It hastens towards the first tier of Cataclysm raiding at an alarming rate. Check out the blue posts […]

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Rogue T12 bonuses: Where rogues turn into mages, sort of

In the past week, there’s been a lot of new content on the PTR. Sadly, there haven’t been a lot of rogue changes. However, there’s still a lot for the stealthiest class in the game to look at! And with Blizzard’s recent announcement about the nature of our bonuses T12 bonus, I’m already drooling with anticipation. First and foremost, the […]

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Blood Setup pt 1 – Macros & Addons

Setup and configuration can be one of the most important things when trying to improve your gameplay, this includes: quick access to frequently used abilities, macros, addons, even having the right hardware attached to your computer can make a notable difference. I would like to start a discussion about things you can do to improve your game. There’s a lot […]

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Raiding Rogue 101: Reforging beyond the basics

With all of the ZA/ZG runs currently going on, it’s more important than ever to reforge correctly so you can maximize your DPS. While there are basic reforging guidelines, to really get the most out of your rogue, you’ll have to run one of the many optimization tools so you’re not sitting there with a calculator trying to find the […]

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Blackwing Descent Tactics – Simplified – Magmaw

Blackwing Descent tactics can be found in full details on numerous sites such as the fantastic Wowwiki, Tankspot and the likes. Sometimes, however, you just want the simplified version. Of course, in general, it is best to know the entire fight inside out but when starting out or when learning an encounter from a specific role’s perspective, you sometimes just […]

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Send in the Trolls

Last week was Earth Day, and in the spirit of “going green” Blizzard has decided not to make more new content for us to enjoy, but instead to recycle. Noble intentions indeed; but regardless of how you may actually feel about killing bosses that you already killed years ago, there’s no arguing that 4.1 brings some opportunities for new tanks. […]

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Raiding without addons, the ultimate test

So, as is widely known, patch 4.1 dropped yesterday. Hooray for awesome boss fights, new loot, and super-fast stealth! Oh, and all of your addons probably broke. And we’re not talking “oh the functionality here is giving me an error” broken, we’re talking catastrophic failure — with FPS plummeting as soon as you engage combat. What’s an enterprising raiding rogue […]

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